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Most everyone knows the benefits of exercise, especially weight training. Weight training improves body shape, maintains muscle mass and overall body strength for both men and women.

It used to be that the only choice you had to increase strength and coax muscles into a shapelier form was by pumping iron using free weights.

Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and Barbells – which are classified as “free weights’ – require you, the user, to stabilize the load, as opposed to using a machine, where the load is stabilized for you.

“The exercise below in no way helps you get down and up off the ground.”

Modern technology has created a slew of machines that were intended to equip you with new and “better” ways to gain strength.

But are they truly better?

These types of machines were invented in the 1970s and soon became the norm in health clubs to this day. But they were intended to train bodybuilders. Are you a bodybuilder? They only work one muscle in isolation from the rest of the body. Hardly a functional way to train for life or sport.     

I didn’t think so!

What is functional training?

Since I began working in the fitness industry in 1999 there has been a shift toward making training more functional. A basic definition of functional training is that is based on movements, not muscles, it is typically done standing and should be multi-joint. Functional training then involves the training of stabilizers (the small muscles of the body that keeps joints stable) and not just the big muscles we see in a well-developed and muscular person.

Anyone that has used both machines and free weights can tell you a 200lb. chest press on a machine is far easier than performing a 200lb. bench press with 100lb. dumbbell in each hand! Why is that? Because the machine is stabilizing the load, not the intrinsic muscles of the body, which allows the big muscles (pecs, shoulders, triceps) to do the work. In my opinion fixed axis training, aka machine training is suitable for two types of people: Body Builders and the near-dead!

“If you can read, talk or drink a cup of coffee while you’re “working out”, you’re not working out! You’re fooling yourself.”

Brett’s Bottom Line:
If you are going to spend time in the gym it might as well be time well spent. You train for results; a better-looking body, greater strength, and more energy. Training with free weights, like dumbbells, unlike machine training, will help you do more of the things you NEED to do, LIKE to do, and WANT to do for as long as you want to do them.

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