TPI Certified Trainer – Charlotte, NC

Recently I’ve been getting inquiries from golfers who know of  ‘TPI’ (the acronym for Titleist Performance Institute). They know that TPI is the gold standard in golf performance education and trust the quality of those who wear that label. But just what is TPI? What does it do, what is its mission, and how can […]

What Is Your Golf Fitness Handicap? TPI Movement Screen-Charlotte, NC

Every golfer knows his golf handicap. Which for men, is generally between zero and twenty-eight. It serves the purpose of comparing your performance to that of other golfers. And maybe more importantly, it gives you a measure of whether or not you are improving or declining. The lower your handicap, the better golfer you are. […]

70% of All Amateur Golfers Do This. Do you? PART 2: TPI Trainer, Ballantyne, NC 28277

In Part 1 of this article series, I talked about the fact that Early Extension is extremely common among amateur golfers. I feel it is the most common swing characteristic that negatively affects your swing and your game. Part 1 covered the physical requirements necessary to avoid early extension in the backswing. This article will […]

Play Your Best Golf! TPI Fitness Screen, Charlotte, NC

“Golf is a very complicated game. It’s taken me years and years of practice just to be terrible.”__Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch-S4,E11) Golf is often called an easy game that’s hard to play. And it’s even harder when your own body gets in the way. Every golfer that I’ve worked with since 2010 has said […]

Have You Heard This Yet? Golf Fitness-Myers Park, 28209

Podcasting. A word that wasn’t even in our vocabulary before 2003! This form of digital audio content distributed over the internet was first meant to be listened to on an Apple iPod. The catchphrase at the time these came out was; “A thousand songs in your pocket”.  Quite the leap from the SONY WALKMAN. REMEMBER […]

Give The Gift Of PAIN FREE Golf: TPI Trainer, SouthPark, 28211

Yes, my friends, Christmas is coming! It appears on retail stores shelves somewhere around Halloween, but it’s less than a month away. And of course, Christmas is known as the season for giving and that’s just what I’m going to ask you to do. Give the gift of PAIN-FREE GOLF to the golfer in your […]

IMPROVE Your Golf Swing-PART 1: TPI Trainer, Myers Park

In part 1 of this article, we are going to go deep into what the term disassociation is and why it’s such an important concept for rotational athletes such as golfers to understand, and a skill they need to be able to perform. ​​​​ You Must Know What Your Sport Requires!  Every golfer knows that golf is a sport that requires rotational power. And training for rotation power requires […]

Do You Cast The Club? TPI Trainer, Myers Park, 28209

First off, let’s define exactly what casting is. The TPI definition of casting is the pre-mature release of the wrist angles during the downswing and through impact (like the casting of a fishing rod). The angle between the forearm and the club INCREASES. The angle loss results in a weakened impact position with the lead […]