Dad’s Perfect Gift: GolfForever: GolfForever Certified, Charlotte, NC

Dad’s Perfect Gift: GolfForever Your Dad is a golfer and your Dad deserves the best. This Father’s Day, skip the tie and give him a gift that keeps on giving – the chance to improve his game, strengthen his body, and enjoy the sport he loves for years to come. “If you want to get […]

Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Him, 2024-Fit For Golf, Charlotte, NC

Unlike the ladies who are reading this post, we men don’t want flowers, chocolates, or even a new sweater for Valentine’s Day! If your man is a golfer, he wants something that will help him play golf better! And by that, I don’t mean he needs a new driver or a box of Titleist golf […]

Have You Heard This Yet? Golf Fitness-Myers Park, 28209

Podcasting. A word that wasn’t even in our vocabulary before 2003! This form of digital audio content distributed over the internet was first meant to be listened to on an Apple iPod. The catchphrase at the time these came out was; “A thousand songs in your pocket”.  Quite the leap from the SONY WALKMAN. REMEMBER […]

The Shape of America: PART 3 – TPI Trainer, SouthPark

This is Part 3 of a 3-part series called: The Shape of America. To read PART 1 and PART 2 click the link associated with each part. Making Time To Exercise The October 2002 edition of Runner’s World Magazine features President George W. Bush running this first public 3-mile race, which he completed in 20:29 […]

The Shape of America: PART 2 – TPI Trainer, SouthPark

The Culprits First, the average American doesn’t exercise nearly enough! Only 15% of Americans engage in vigorous exercise for 20 minutes three times a week. Second, we simply eat too much! In the past 25 years, portion sizes served in restaurants and fast-food eateries have increased dramatically. Third, Research clearly shows that when more food […]

The Shape of America: PART 1 – TPI Trainer, SouthPark

Introduction; Editors Note: I found this article that I wrote in 2002, very early into my career as a health and fitness professional. As startling as these statistics were back then, they are even worse now!  It’s now estimated that a little over 42% of American adults are obese, while about 30.7% are overweight. Overall, […]

Set your goals, then achieve them. PART 2 – Golf Fitness, Charlotte

Setting Goals Must Follow the S.M.A.R.T.S Rule!   S stands for SPECIFIC Wanting something isn’t enough, you have to plan for it. The goal must be specific. If the goal is too broad it will be beyond achievement. You need a specific target to shoot for, something you can clearly see in your mind. Write […]

Set your goals, then achieve them! PART 1 – Golf Fitness, Charlotte

Hey golfers, So I found this article in my personal archives and thought I’d share it with you. It was written about 22 years ago when I was living a different life. I had a 13-year career as a New York State Court Officer/Senior Court Officer. Not sure what a Court Officer does? Take a […]

HOW TO PRACTICE GOLF AT HOME-Best Golf Fitness Trainer, Charlotte

As with any sport, the amount of time you spend practicing golf will determine how well you will perform when you finally start playing. If you don’t have enough practice, you will often find yourself checking your basics, figuring out your takeout, and putting stroke on the spot. In order to prevent this from happening, […]

Go Jump In A Lake! TPI Trainer, Charlotte

  It’s finally here! Summer Starts NOW! Warm weather, barbecues, vacations, the beach..and of course golf! Remember when we were kids, how fast summer went by and how long the school year felt in comparison?  From Labor forward we anxiously awaited that moment for the bell to ring to signify the beginning of a 10-week […]