Give The Gift Of PAIN FREE Golf: TPI Trainer, SouthPark, 28211


Yes, my friends, Christmas is coming! It appears on retail stores shelves somewhere around Halloween, but it’s less than a month away.

And of course, Christmas is known as the season for giving and that’s just what I’m going to ask you to do. Give the gift of PAIN-FREE GOLF to the golfer in your life. Whether that’s your husband, uncle, or any other man you know who’s addicted to golf.

Best Golf Gifts for 2023

If you were to Google (Best Golf Gifts), like I did, you would get a list of THINGS that the golfer in your life might like to see under the Christmas Tree.

Things like:

  • Golf shoes.
  • Range Finders
  • Speakers that connect to your golf cart.
  • Golf clothing.
  • Golf clubs.
  • and so on and so on.

Unfortunately, none of those THINGS help you Play Golf Better, and Play Golf PAIN FREE. 


PAIN is the #1 reason golfers leave the game and Low Back Pain is the #1 complaint amongst golfers in pain. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The underlying cause of pain is dysfunction of the joints above and below the site of pain. Those sites (the hips and thoracic spine) need to rotate efficiently so the lower back doesn’t have to sacrifice itself.

“Golf requires full rotational capacity of nearly every joint involved.” _Golf Biomechanics ManualPaul Chek

Let’s face it, golf is a rotational sport; to reach your golf potential and play pain-free, you must be able to rotate efficiently and explosively repeatedly!

The Golfers’ Wish List 

Nearly every golfer I’ve encountered over the last 23 years of working as a golf fitness specialist wants the same 3 things:

  1. Longer Drives
  2. Lower Scores
  3. Fewer Injuries


Another way of saying that is, they want More Yards, More Years, and More Fun-Playing golf!

And playing golf in pain is NO FUN!

How Does It Work?

Let me know if you want to give the golfer in your life the gift of golf longevity. I will create a gift certificate you can present to them for what is known as a golf fitness assessment or golf fitness screen.


The screen is the starting point, the launching pad where the program begins. In the screen, we learn what your limitations are and if they are showing up in your golf swing or are causing pain or discomfort in your body.

I have performed hundreds of these screens since becoming TPI Certified back in 2010 and I know what the results mean and how to progress someone from PAIN to CLUB Champion!

Next, we discuss your goals and create a program that helps you to improve upon or eliminate the physical restrictions that are preventing you from playing your best golf.

These are not cooky cutter programs! They are customized and individualized to what you need NOW!

Once we start to move better, you are given drills to help you incorporate that improved movement capability into the building of a new golf swing. That’s why you’re here, right? You want to move better to play better.

And finally, let’s add some strength and speed to that machine you use to move the club.

Brett’s Bottom Line: 

I’ve been doing this for a long time now. The #1 stated reason golfers come to me for help is to get out of pain. The #2 reason is that they feel as though they need to improve their flexibility to play golf better. Well, it’s no coincidence that the two are connected.

“If your body doesn’t move the way it needs to – to play golf the way you want to – come see the Guru. I can help you Play Golf Better” 

“I started working out with Brett about 1 year ago in the fall. In just the evaluation, Brett noticed my poor “golf posture” and said that was something we would work on. I then went on a golf trip that fall and focused on my posture and had a great trip and played really well. I worked with Brett throughout the winter and spring and then played the most consistent golf of my life, culminating with winning my club championship that fall. His workouts fixed my sequencing issues in my swing that lessons didn’t.”__David Shaw