Warm weather, barbecues, vacations, the beach..and of course golf!

Remember when we were kids, how fast summer went by and how long the school year felt in comparison?  From Labor forward we anxiously awaited that moment for the bell to ring to signify the beginning of a 10-week break from school. And what seemed like the blink of an eye the next thing we knew we were out shopping with our moms for school supplies….

Now that we’re older it seems as though time speeds up and the days, months, and years go by faster than ever. The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day seems to disappear in like 2 seconds. 

One of the reasons for this is as we age our perspective of time does change and the other part of it is most of us are just not taking advantage of the season and getting out and doing……….

When you were a little kid life was about moving and experiencing life. Every day was a new adventure that began when your eyes opened and didn’t end until you collapsed into your bed at night.

You ran, played, kicked stuff, crawled, rode your bike, and hung out with your friends – you did life. Every day was a new experience and those experiences made us into the adults we are today.

As we get older we tend to replace experiences with stuff. Sometimes it’s stuff we can afford and it takes years to pay off. The sun, sand, fun, the experiences – they come in limited quantities. Like everything else they have an expiration date.  Often times we look back at times past with regret wishing we would have done this or that.

Even though Labor Day is still 10 weeks away it comes fast. So make sure you take advantage of the season and get outside and play. Whether it be a walk in the park, going for a bike ride, doing some gardening, getting in a round of golf or even jumping in a lake, make the time to get outside and move and experience life.

Don’t wait to do stuff – just do it. 

Have a Great Summer –