Happy Anniversary To Me! – TPI Trainer, Charlotte, NC


Life In The BIG APPLE 

I was living in NYC on the Upper East Side and working as an independent trainer with a private clientele that I had developed since arriving in Manhattan in 2004.


Always hungry to learn, I attended the Perform Better Summit in Providence, RI  in June 2010, where I first met Dr. Greg Rose (co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute).

After attending his class on golf-related injuries I was hooked and two months later attended my first live Level 1 workshop in Chicago, IL.

In The Beginning

At the end of the second full day of lectures, I asked Dr. Rose for some advice regarding getting into the golf fitness industry, since I was a Manhattanite and far away from any golf courses. His advice was, “Go see my friends Don and Joe Saladino at Drive 495. And so it began, my newfound career as a Golf Performance Specialist.


I stayed at Drive until the winter of 2012 and then ventured out on my own, building a highly successful business in the Midtown East district, using Velocity Sports Performance on 58th/Lexington Ave. as a home base as well as serving many of my clientele concierge – style.


Life in the Big Apple was pretty good in those days, I was very active in the NYC running community, running as many as 25 races a year, many of them with the New York Road Runners Club. The city was clean and safe under the Bloomberg Administration. It felt good to be living and working in NYC.

Success Stories

From 2012 until March 2020 I worked with a lot of golfers! Scores of them. And they all came to me with the same problems. They could no longer move the way they needed to – to play golf the way they wanted to! Simple as that! They lacked the flexibility, mobility, stability, and strength to play golf at a high level and enjoy the game as much as they would like to.

My specialty is in working with amateur club golfers, just like you, turning many of them into club champions. See Real-life successes. 

I was able to do that by sharing with them the same strategies, tools, and coaching used by professional golfers.


Fast Forward…..

Friday, March 13th, 2020 I had a 6 a.m., 7 a.m., 8 a.m., and 9 a.m. appointments with 4 golfers in a row at Velocity. It would be my last day!

Monday, March 16th the government shut everything down, gyms would close, everything would close and many businesses were lost forever. Velocity, along with many of the gyms in NYC would never reopen.

By the spring of 2021, NY would look like this and it remained that way until I left for good in the spring of 2022.

My early morning commute didn’t look like the first photo in this article! It looked like the ones above.

Happy Anniversary To Me

Today, Google Photos reminded me that I was in Chicago 13 years ago. Yes, guys, time flies!

Life In Charlotte

Life in Charlotte, well, it’s quite different than the life I had in NYC. I live in The Encore -South Park, with views of Uptown Charlotte and directly across the street from Symphony Park.

Now that I’ve been here a year and I’m all settled in, I’m ready to serve the Charlotte Golfing community. If you are a golfer in Charlotte who and wants to Play Golf Better, I can help.

Whether you belong to Intown Golf, Myers Park Country Club, Quail Hollow Club, Carmel Country Club, Charlotte Country Club, or any of the other fabulous golf communities in the South Charlotte area I can help take your game to the next level.

Let’s Get Started…

“My mission is to help golfers reduce the risk and rate of golf-related injuries, improve their golf performance, and keep them healthy. A healthy golfer plays more golf. Good for you, good for the game.”