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Podcasting. A word that wasn’t even in our vocabulary before 2003! This form of digital audio content distributed over the internet was first meant to be listened to on an Apple iPod.

The catchphrase at the time these came out was; “A thousand songs in your pocket”.  Quite the leap from the SONY WALKMAN.

REMEMBER THOSE? You can’t even get one if you wanted to!

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their brother has a podcast and something to say. I don’t and plan to keep it that way. However, I have been a guest on many podcasts in the past. Most frequently on the Golf Talk Live show with host Ted Odorico.

This summer I was interviewed by a local show right here in Charlotte, called the Perky Collar Radio Show with David Frankel. In this episode, we discuss all things golf fitness. Hope you enjoy it. And as the saying goes…just click the link below.

Click the link below:

Brett The Golf Guy