Prepare to Play: How to Warm-up for Golf-PART 2: TPI Trainer, Charlotte, NC


In Part 1 of this article series, we’ve already established the following:
  1. Golf is a sport and Golfers are athletes.
  2. Every professional athlete warms up before they participate in their sport or event.
  3. Most amateur athletes don’t.

We also established that the first part of a quality warm-up is to:

Step 1: Increase blood flow and improve tissue elasticity.

We do this using a massage stick like a Rad Rod or Tiger’s Tail. (see Part 1 for details).

Step 2: Improve muscle and joint readiness. Take your body through multiple planes of motion to enhance overall movement capabilities

To do that we are going to perform a dynamic stretching routine.

Unlike static stretches (like the one above, where you’re just holding an individual muscle group in position for a pre-determined amount of time), this short and simple warm-up takes the golfer from single joint movements to golf-specific movement patterns. This dynamic total-body routine incorporates flexibility, mobility, stability, balance, and the disassociation patterns required for an efficient golf swing.

The only piece of equipment it requires is your driver. The warm-up is appropriate for golfers of all levels and takes 5 minutes from beginning to end; leaving you feeling Fit For Golf.

I recorded this dynamic warm-up video in 2017. I’ve made a few changes since, but for the most part, this will serve you well. The movements in this warm-up are reflective of those tested in the TPI Level 1 screen, so if you find yourself struggling with them, well, that’s a sign that your body doesn’t move the way it needs to, to play golf the way you want to.

*Excuse the corny music. But the timing is just perfect : )

Guidelines for the Dynamic Stretching Routine:

You shouldn’t be thinking about golf technique or the swing here. This routine is about getting your body ready to take the club and drive it down the fairway. Just use the body’s momentum to take each joint through the full available range of motion. We simply want to move into and out of each position repetitively until you loosen up.

Body Map For Dynamic Stretches:

  • Lateral ankle rocks
  • Lateral leg swings
  • Single-leg hip swings (internal/external rotation)
  • Pelvic Tilts (tilt and tuck the pelvis forward and back)
  • Pelvic Rotations (swivel the hips back and forth)
  • Shoulder turns (T-spine rotation)
  • Standing L’s (rotate the shoulders with 90-degree elbows)
  • Bent-Over Y’s (lift the arms with straight elbows, maintaining golf posture)
  • Overhead Deep Squats
  • Torso Turns
  • Load & Explode (full body rotation)

The dynamic warm-up is a systematic and purposeful approach to preparing an individual for the specific demands of the upcoming event – GOLF.

This routine will help you:

  • Efficiently increase core temperature, while lengthening and strengthening the muscles you use to swing the club.
  • It will ensure that your muscles are ‘turned on’ and engaged so that they can deal with the demands of the upcoming event.
  • It will help you improve balance and proprioception (the system of pressure sensors in the joints, muscles, and tendons to the nervous system).
  • It will help you get more out of each stroke (SWING) with less effort.


Brett’s Bottom Line:

Key Takeaway

This dynamic warm-up will increase your core temperature, improve tissue extensibility, joint range of motion, and balance, and improve the movement patterns used in the golf swing. The only thing you’ll need is your driver.  It will help you decrease the risk of injury and avoid PAIN.

In a nutshell, it’s a minimal investment in time with big payoffs.

“At age 78 I wanted to reach my fitness limits to bring my golf game back to where it was 10 years ago. After 3 months of training, I have already begun to ‘shoot’ my age. I shot a 75, 77, and 78 twice. This has been my goal going back 2 years!”Hank C. (NYC, Palm Beach, FL)