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Imagine what it would feel like to drive the ball 20, 30, or even 40 yards past your buddies. They may ask you what driver you are using, or if you’ve been taking a lot of lessons. And while properly fitting equipment and instruction are key elements to good golf, even more, important is how well the person who swings the club moves. 

“Like so many others I took regular golf lessons but resisted the notion that I was out of shape. I have been working with Brett for 3 years and now understand what I believe to be true for virtually every golfer over age 50, namely that we are physically unable to reproduce the swing the way our pros are teaching us.” __Mark Cusick

So what exactly does Mark mean by that? Well, what he’s saying is that for most of you, your body doesn’t move the way it needs to – to play golf the way you want to.
All of us are going to struggle with certain movements, but when we struggle with a lot of them, well, that will cause the body to compensate and that will lead to a lot of frustration and more importantly, the potential for injury.
The BIG 4
To have an efficient, repeatable, and powerful golf swing we need to be able to move freely from the following four places.
  1. Our hips (more specifically, hip internal rotation)
  2. Our thoracic spine (the part where your ribs are attached)
  3. Our shoulders (both up and down and in external rotation)
  4. Our neck (it needs to move well from side to side)

If you struggle with 2 or more of these mobility screens it will be difficult for you to be consistent, add distance to your swing, and more importantly, stay in the game because your likelihood of injury will be high.

  • 90% of the compensations in your swing will come from failing these tests.

As a golf performance specialist I’m not trying to make you look better, I’m trying to make you move better so you can play better!

Where Do You Start? 
Well, you can’t know where to start until you know what’s not working. And to discover that we perform a physical screen which will identify how well your body moves in relation to what is ailing you, both physically and in your swing. That is what’s known as the Body-Swing Connection.

Don’t just think of the screens as a pass or fail, but rather a starting point from which we begin and can measure progress. 

Clearing up some of these movement compensations will: 
  1. reduce your likelihood of injury, thereby giving you the potential for more years playing golf.
  2. with the right drills, and practice, help you overcome the undesirable swing problems you may be experiencing giving you the potential for more yards and more fun.

***Aspire to the future version of yourself.

“Hey Brett, I just wanted to let you know that I had my best round every today. I played a match in a season-long tournament and the guy I was playing also had a good round for him. I shot a 70 – 1 under par. Not bad for a guy who you were surprised could barely walk. This was the first time I’ve been under par (for 9 or 18). Also came in a distant second in the member-member. One of the guys was asking if I’ve been taking lessons and I said, not really, but my golf fitness guy had me doing exercises that fixed my sequencing, and that made a huge difference.”__David S. NYC 

More than anything else I love to hear about my clients’ successes. It’s why I work so hard on my craft. I want my clients to Play Golf Better!

“Hi, Brett. Thanks to all your training and fitness, I was able to win one of our club’s majors. This one is for you too. Thanks, coach.”__Tom H., NYC 

Brett’s Bottom Line: 
“Your golf game will either be limited or enhanced by how well you move.”_Brett The Golf Guy
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