Scotty, More Power! – TPI Trainer, Charlotte


Captain Kirk was clearly a golfer!

In almost every episode of the classic science fiction television show “Star Trek”, Captain Kirk called down to Chief Engineer Scotty and demanded more power!

This is the same demand I get from all of the golfers that seek my help.

“Looking to get stronger before the golf season.”__Greg

Have you ever heard a golfer say they want shorter drives? Of course not! Power gives you the ability to hit the golf ball far.

Every golfer wants it! No golfer doesn’t want it.

So what is power and how do you get it?
Power is the summation of speed and strength.
Speed is moving yourself or a light object faster than you are used to. 
Strength is built on a foundation of proper posture, flexibility, mobility, and stability. So in order to be powerful, you need to work on ALL of the physical qualities mentioned above.
PGA Trends
The trends on the PGA Tour are all about power. Ball speeds just keep going up and up with over 70 PGA players with ball speeds of over 170 mph! There is a direct correlation between how far you can hit the ball and where you end up on the money list.  Longer Drives = Lower Scores = More Money.

So power is one of the things that makes the best players in the world, the best players in the world. 

Bomb The Ball Past Your Buddies

“My longest drive used to be 240 yards with an average of 225. I’m averaging 245 now and have hit several 270-yarders and one 280! Gonna be a fun season.” Thanks, Brett!__Ken, NYC 

If you look at some of the biggest hitters you will also see a correlation to their ability to jump. The average PGA tour player has a vertical jump of 22″ or more, with some of the long-drive guys jumping as high as 36″! Here 80-year-old Peter jumps up onto a 20″ inch box.

If you sprintthrow, and jump you can convert that speed to your golf swing. If you don’t have these qualities you cannot express them in your swing, no matter how good your coach is.


Taking My Golfers To The Next Level –I’ll do anything I can to help my golfers achieve longer drives, so I have completed TPI Power Level 2.

The Power Level 2 course included over 5 hours of online tutorials, dedicated to the art of increasing swing speed and covers all aspects of hitting the ball further including:

  • The Science Of Power – Motor unit recruitment, muscle fiber types, the potentiation effect, and the physics of projectiles.
  • Clinical Observations – The Big Break Theory, Overspeed Training, Overload Training, The Rules of 4, and Muscular Loading Principles.
  • Power Matrix – Learn the four main power sources: Vertical Thrust, Rotary Power, Chop Power, and Wrist Release Power. Then incorporate all four of these sources into TPI’s 4X4 Power Matrix, a simple system to help design effective power development training programs.
  • Power Swing Techniques – Swing modifications that can be used to generate more clubhead speed.
  • Screening For Power – Learn the TPI power screen, the first step in determining potential physical limitations with you or your client.
  • Loading The Links – Identify problems in the kinetic chain and how to address these issues with simple coordination drills.
  • Club Fitting For Power – Learn the latest findings in club fitting considerations.

 Here’s to a 2023 season filled with Longer Drives & Lower Scores! Brett The Golf Guy