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The Masters - It’s Finally Here!
Early in the morning of April 6th,  Masters legends Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Tom Watson opened the 87th Masters Tournament. A sight we may not be able to enjoy much longer as each of these legends is getting up there in age.

For many golfers, the Masters is the epitome of golf … a golf tournament stoked in tradition. It attracts the best golfers from around the world to compete in what is arguably the best golf tournament in the world.

The Journey Begins

All eyes are on the legendary Tiger Woods who is currently fighting to make the cut into the final rounds. Something he's never failed to do as a professional in 22 tries. If he can pull it off he will tie the record at 23 set by Jack Nicklaus.

Another golfer to watch is Jon Rahm, currently ranked number 3 in the world. Jon’s golf coach is one of my mentors, and co-founders of the Titleist Performance Institute, Dave Philips.

As of the time I am writing this, atop the leaderboard is LIV golfer, Brooks Koepka, making a huge comeback after a year off due to injuries.

Play Like The Pros
In 13 years as a TPI-certified golf fitness professional, the golfers that come to me for help most often tell me they need the following before we ever measure what they can and cannot do. "I need more flexibility and core strength for my golf swing".

According to Dr. Troy Van Biezen, trainer to many PGA professionals, including last year's champion Scottie Scheffler,

“You have to have mobility and flexibility. Golfing requires that, it’s just so important. I think a lot of amateur guys, what we often see is, while they’re in the gym and they workout, they just don’t have mobility and flexibility to move the way you need to in a golf swing… you have to be able to turn and move.”__Dr. Troy Van Biezen
Begin Your Own Journey

Would you like longer drives, lower scores, and fewer injuries? I thought you might! If you would like to improve your flexibility, mobility, and core strength, improve your posture, and hit the ball further, let’s get you screened and get you started.

You will - Feel The Difference In Your Body and See The Difference In Your Swing. GUARANTEED 

"Hey Brett, just shooting you a little update. I’ve done the stretches and foam rolling every day. I’ve played 2 rounds and seeing significant improvement already. Falling back on old habits throughout the round but physically at least definitely feeling better. I have a much better range of motion and feel the glutes more active in the swing. Going to continue this for another week or two and I’ll be in touch to schedule our next appointment. Thank you!"__Matt Greehan

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