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The 2024 Masters tournament will be here any minute now, with the pre-tournament starting tomorrow (April 8th) and round one on Thursday, April 11. Now this article isn’t about the history of the tournament or the politics of LIV golf vs. the PGA Tour. It’s about how YOU can have the same advantages the professionals have, right here in Charlotte, NC.

Now, I realize, the average amateur golfer here in Charlotte doesn’t have a chance of wearing the coveted Green Jacket bestowed on the tournament winner each year, but you can win your local club tournament or maybe event tournament(s) IF you use the same strategies, tools and coaching the pros do.

Well, not that green jacket, but you get the point!

Regardless of which player you fancy, and regardless of their “style”, the best golfers in the world all share one thing in common. SEQUENCING-SEQUENCING-SEQUENCING. Yes, that’s 1 thing typed 3 times.

That is to say, regardless of what they look like on the way to the top of the backswing, or what they look like at the top of the backswing, they all use the ground and begin the downswing transition sequence with a lateral force into the ground towards the target, followed by a rotation force (the pelvic rotates back and out of the way of the hands), and finishes with a vertical force or jumping backward movement.

In the downswing transition, the lower body leads and sends energy into the torso, lead shoulder and arm, and finally into the club, which strikes the ball.

The physical qualities necessary for such a sequence are screened for in the TPI Level 1 Screen.

You need to be able to pass these screens, at a minimum, to be able to do this:

Overhead Deep Squat Test (most of you will not be able to do this).

The Pelvic Tilt Test (critical test to see if you can maintain posture throughout the swing and transfer energy from the legs into the core).

The Pelvic Rotation Test (critical skill necessary for moving your lower body independently of your upper body. If you cannot, you will struggle to initiate the downswing sequence correctly).

The Single Leg Balance Test (if you’re a right-handed golfer, you need to rotate INTO your left hip and stabilize or balance yourself on that leg. If you struggle with balance on your left leg for any reason, your brain just won’t let you go there and you may just hang back, slide or reverse pivot. Anything but finish in balance and follow through after contact with the ball.

What Will You Get Out Of The TPI Level 1 Screen? (Read below) 

The TPI Level 1 screen shines a spotlight on what you’re physically capable of so that when a golf pro looks at your swing, they can see if there’s a body-swing connection. In other words is your golf swing the way it is because of the way your body is moving, OR are you struggling with something in your swing because of a lack of understanding of WHAT you should be doing? This is the first step in helping golfers eliminate the physical restrictions that prevent them from playing their best golf!

“I believe Brett is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have had the fortune of consulting and working with. I am a lifelong golfer and student of the game. I always knew that a lack of mobility and muscle flexibility limited my game, but I never understood the extent to which my lack of coordination and strength in key muscle groups, impacted my scores and overall consistency.

Brett breaks everything down through an initial physical assessment and a detailed follow-up summary. Brett documents whether a client is proficient in properly sequencing the separate muscles/joints that control the swing—from a golfer’s initial backswing through the finish. After identifying a golfer’s key areas of weakness, Brett shows how improper coordination of the muscles/joints results in what most golfers label “improper mechanics.” For me, my lack of pelvic rotation and ankle mobility typically results in swinging over the top, or early extension. Brett even identified these swing issues before my initial consult, through just a short clip of my swing.

Brett offers golfers the option to work with him to develop a tailored training program that enhances a golfer’s physical ability, coordination, and muscle memory. I would highly recommend the average and serious golfers alike to schedule a consultation with Brett!”__Kirk Stewart


Since August of 2010, I have been coaching amateur golfers just like YOU to feel better, move better, and play golf better. Many of them have gone on to win their club championship.

I realize many of you just want to play golf. It’s the game you love. I GET IT! But, just playing golf isn’t going to give you the longevity you want or the fun you desire. If you’re ok with shorter drives, higher scores, and more injuries, well then, keep doing what you’re doing.
But if you’d like: Longer Drives, Lower Scores and Fewer Injuries. I CAN HELP! Give me a call: at (917) 596-8485 and let’s set up your first appointment.