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Recently I’ve been getting inquiries from golfers who know of  ‘TPI’ (the acronym for Titleist Performance Institute). They know that TPI is the gold standard in golf performance education and trust the quality of those who wear that label. But just what is TPI? What does it do, what is its mission, and how can someone with an educational background like myself help golfers like you? Let’s take a quick dive in and see. 


What is TPI?

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. For over twenty years, TPI has gathered the world’s largest technical database of the game’s top Tour professionals as well as everyday golfers. TPI collects 3D motion capture, force, pressure, launch monitor, strength, power, and movement data on every player that visits the TPI campus. Using this data, TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible. Conversely, TPI determined how physical limitations in a player’s body can adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury. This relationship is what TPI calls The Body-Swing Connection and is the foundation of all professional Certification courses offered by TPI.

 TPI’s Mission

TPI’s mission is to educate golfers and industry professionals on the Body-Swing Connection through its one-of-a-kind TPI Certified educational program.

From my trip to the Mother Ship in the fall of 2017.


TPI’s Philosophy

TPI believes that golfers should match their swing style to their movement capabilities. The philosophy is simple:

There are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club. However, there is one most-efficient way for each player to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.

TPI’s Assessment Screen

If you don’t assess, it’s just a guess.

To achieve an efficient swing, a golfer must first be screened. A proper screen involves an assessment of swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health, and injury history.

The TPI movement screen is a simple test to quickly evaluate a player’s physical capabilities. The results of that assessment are used to determine how technical elements of the player’s swing could be related to what their body can or cannot do. Once this screen is finished, the results are used to create a plan unique for that golfer. The plan may include fitness training, physical therapy and treatment, coaching of swing mechanics and biomechanics, nutrition, mental strategy or all of the above.

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“Like so many others, I took regular golf lessons but resisted the notion that I was out of shape. I have been working with Brett for 3 years and I now understand what I believe to be true for virtually every golfer over 50, namely that we are unable to produce the swing that our pros are teaching us.”_Mark Cusick



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